Mechanisms of Remora fish suction attachment – Beckert et al. 2015

Understanding how friction by spinules contributes to adhesion in Remora (Nadler lab)

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Fluid dynamics surrounding attached Remora fish  – Beckert et al. 2016

Estimating the performance of Remora suction attachment by analysis of drag forces experienced by an attached  Remora (Nadler lab)

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Interfacial permeability of soft suction attachment – Beckert et al. 2016

Analysis of the rate at which fluid leaks across the suction seal an attached  Remora (Nadler lab)

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Mapping the mechanics and macromolecular organization
of Hyaluronan-rich cell coats – Boehm 2009

Understanding how the properties of cell coatings give rise to structural and functional properties of tissues (Curtis lab)

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Microstructure-based knowledge systems for capturing
process-structure evolution linkages – Brough et al. 2017

A function-based ontology for quantitative design of new hierarchical materials (Kalidindi lab)

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Control of molecular self-assembly – Grover 2015

A brief commentary on the importance of molecular self -assembly, a common biological strategy. Includes some interesting case studies. 

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Lung surfactantants and thin film stability – Hermans et al. 2015

Variables that govern how well pulmonary surfactants are able to prevent lung collapse during breathing. (Bhamla Lab)

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Innovations in cement-based materials – Kurtis 2015

Biologically based (and other) strategies for developing sustainable concrete and concrete-based infrastructure

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Biomimetic models of the Actin cytoskeleton – Mohrdieck 2007

Using observational and experimental data to model and understand cytoskeletal properties governing cell function (Curtis lab)

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