April 2020

Workshop in Bio-Inspired Building Thermal Energy Management

CBID will held an NSF sponsored workshop to define this field of inquiry.  The conference included experts in bio-inspired design, biology, and heat transfer and energy storage. Participants will determine research approaches to developing more sustainable building energy systems that can be produced at scale for the next generation of sustainable infrastructure. 

March-May 2020

Museum of Design Atlanta Biologically Inspired Design Exhibition

June 2020

The joint 2020 International Workshop on Bionic Engineering (IWBE 2020) and the 4th International Workshop on Biorobotics & Bioengineering will be held in Manchester, UK, June 10-12, 2020.  The focus for this meeting is Biorobotics and Bionic Healthcare Engineering. Topics include bio-inspired materials, surfaces and machinery, biologically-inspired sensing, actuation and computation, and bioinspired health care technology. 

Further information on this event is here

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