Promoting the theory and practice of biologically inspired design through research, training and engagement

We combine focal research with a deep design process

The Center for Biologically inspired design is dedicating to improving the ability of scientists, engineers, and other professionals to translate biological knowledge into innovative products and processes. We advance these goals through fundamental research, novel interdisciplinary training and education, academic-industrial collaborations at all levels, and public outreach.

CBID offers K12 curricular materials, undergraduate courses and a certificate, and a rich environment for graduate education.

CBID affiliated faculty perform fundamental and translational research in biology, engineering, and design.

CBID promotes vigorous exchange between students, researchers, and industry through training, networking and academic-industrial partnerships.


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Interdisciplinary Approach

CBID supports novel and creative research at the interface of biology, engineering, architecture and design using approaches informed by fundamental research in cognitive science and design theory.



Industrial Design


Cognitive Sciences


Structural Color in Bird Feathers
New pigments containing no metals have been developed by looking at the way that bird feathers produce color.
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Masters of Camoflauge
Scientists developed a 3D morphing skin by studying squid, which are masters at camouflage. The “skin” mimics different textures to help the object blend into the background.
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Fruit Bats Pioneer Sonar
Big news! Humans recently invented sonar methods first pioneered by fruit bats roughly 50 million years ago. Court rules the bat patent no longer valid!
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Pied Piper of the Deep
Scientists invent new robotic fish by studying fish swimming. It swims efficiently and with agility, and may help monitor marine realms without disturbing the occupants.
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