Education in the Century of Biology

Georgia Tech’s Center for Biologically Inspired Design comprises a group of interdisciplinary biologists, engineers and physical scientists who seek to facilitate research and education for innovative products and techniques based on biologically-inspired design solutions.

Biology may serve as an untapped resource for design methodology, with concept-testing having occurred over millions of years of evolution. Experiencing the benefits of Nature as a source of innovative and inspiring principles encourages us to preserve and protect the natural world rather than simply to harvest its products. Students can take a variety of courses that examine connections between biology and engineering, and can obtain a certificate in biologically inspired design.

Our goals are:

21st Century

An inventor who is equipped with core strengths in engineering, but is also able to speak the language of and biology utilize its structures, processes, and principles.

21st Century BIOLOGIST

A naturalist who is able to team with engineers and physical scientists examine biological structures, processes, and systems in terms of evolved solutions to problems, and as sources of engineered designs.

21st Century ARCHITECT

 A designer who turns to the natural world for inspiration as to function, form, material and ecological footprint.


Students from all schools may obtain a certificate in biologically inspired design as described below.

Certificate Program in Biologically Inspired Design


Prospective students interested in attending Georgia Tech can visit the Admissions page for more information.

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