BID Methodology​

Rubrics for Assessing BID Pedagogy-Flash-Gvili 2011

A detailed, vetted rubric for assessing BID practice in interdisciplinary courses

Flash Gvili et al 2015


Understanding Bio-inspired design using design-by-analogy

How to support BID based on lessons from the area of design-by-analogy

Fu et al. 2014


Cross-domain Analogies in BID- Goel 2011

Documenting design patterns in BID by identifying cross domain (biology-engineering) analogies

Goel et al. 2011


Problem & Solution Driven BID- Helms 2008

Similarities and differences in BID as driven by solutions (biological systems) vs. problems (design or product goals)

Helms et al. 2008


Understanding the role of multiple analogies in design-by-analogy – Song 2017

How the quantity of analogies affects  design-by-analogy methods such as BID

Song et al. 2017


Biologically Inspired Design Toolkit-Yen 2011

Course tools and organization for an undergraduate BID course for scientists and engineers

Yen et al. 2011


Adaptive Evolution of a BID Course-Yen 2013

Fine tuning of BID courses for different audiences 

Yen et al. 2013

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