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  • Develop a biologically-inspired design course for undergraduates to promote  interdisciplinary thinking between scientists and engineers

  • Develop teaching philosophy consistent with  Biologically Inspired Design

  • Provide  traineeships for graduate students to practice
    Biologically Inspired Design in a research context

Desired Output

21st century engineer

  • An inventor who is equipped with core strengths in engineering, but is also able
     to speak the language of and biology utilize its structures, processes, and principles

21st century biologist

  • A naturalist who is able to team with engineers and physical scientists examine
     biological structures, processes, and systems in terms of evolved solutions to problems,
     and as sources of engineered designs

21st century architect

  • A designer who turns to the natural world for inspiration as to function, form,
     material and ecological footprint

biomimicry defined

Pheidolein the New World
A Dominant, Hyperdiverse
Ant Genus

by Edward O. Wilson


In this richly illustrated book, Edward O. Wilson untangles its classification for the first time, characterizing all 625 known species, 341 of which are new to science, and ordering them into 19 species groups.

human plus nature

The practice of biomimicry requires community, not just with other organisms, but with people in other disciplines. We need to bring together fields of study that have been kept apart.

Janine Benyus
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CBID is an interdisciplinary center for research and development of design solutions that occur in biological processes. Founded in 2005, It is one of more than 100 interdisciplinary research units funded at Georgia Institute of Technology