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Joy Worthen

Joy Worthen

The opportunity to create work in a place where art and science intersect has been a special thrill. My personal artwork and my persona; experiences are inspired and influenced by the patterns, forms and behaviors of the natural world. My exposure to this exciting realm of scientific research and innovation is both an honor and a pleasure.


Lenard Yen

At the time that I was asked to work on this site, I had just begun training to walk a half marathon as part of the Seattle Marathon in November, 2005. I had not yet realized what an impact each of these commitments would have on me. My life has been enriched by the searching and investigations that have led to the knowledge about things which matter. What seems at the surface to be a burbling brook or an iridescent glow of an insect, or the faint sweetness of pollen in the air, they remain at the edge of the delicate balance that nature affords with her subjects. If I am to be grateful for this, I feel an urgency to be more accountable for my place on this earth among other organisms. I am inspired by the work of biologists and engineers alike for their ability to sift through perceptual models, systems organizations, and mechanical processes to help me better understand the intricate workings of the world around me and am thrilled to be a part of this center. My walking continues and and allows me to enjoy the vast array of miracles that make up my every day.

biomimicry defined

Neurotechnology for Biomimetic Robots(Bradford Books)

by Joseph Ayers

Ayers_Biomimetic Robots

The goal of neurotechnology is to confer the performance advantages of animal systems on robotic machines. Biomimetic robots differ from traditional robots in that they are agile, relatively cheap, and able to deal with real-world environments.

human plus nature

The technology associated with the development of robots is becoming more dependent on biomimetics and biologically inspired designs. As engineers move from the world of large, stiff, right-angled pieces of metal to one of small, compliant, curved-surface pieces of heterogeneous parts, nature will become a more influential teacher.

Frank Fish
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CBID is an interdisciplinary center for research and development of design solutions that occur in biological processes. Founded in 2005, It is one of more than 100 interdisciplinary research units funded at Georgia Institute of Technology